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Standardising Explant Analysis Conference 2024

Join the conversation on why analysing retrieved implants should be a standard part of revision surgery. Contribute to national progress, using data to optimise patient outcomes and reduce future revisions.

25th November
The Catalyst Building
Newcastle city centre

About the conference

Welcome to the first-ever UK conference dedicated to the analysis of retrieved implants.

This groundbreaking event, facilitated by the NHS Implant Analysis Service, will be held on Monday 25 November 2024, at the Catalyst Building in Newcastle city centre, NE4 5TG. This will be followed by an evening networking reception at Above Bar, Vermont Hotel, NE1 3JE, starting at 6pm.

The aim of the event is to share meaningful insights on the physical analysis of retrieved implants and to discuss this crucial information to improve patient safety.

Each year, around 200,000 people in the UK suffer through
painful revision surgery to replace implants for joints such as hip and knee.

This isn’t just a burden on patients, but also on the NHS,
which incurs millions of pounds in additional surgery costs and
litigation fees.

Yet, once the surgery is complete, around 95% of implants are simply thrown away.

By studying retrieved joint implants, we can gain crucial information about what leads to implant failure, similar
to how black box flight recorders help us understand
aircraft accidents.

At this conference, we’ll be sharing insights from the physical analysis of retrieved implants and discussing them together in a dynamic setting so that we can improve the safety of patients undergoing joint replacement procedures in the future.

Why should you attend?

If you’re a Medical Director:
  • Discover how explant analysis can revolutionise your patient care, improving future surgeries and patient outcomes.
  • Gain valuable insights that can transform your safety standards, reduce revision surgeries and complications, all of which will save your trust money.
  • Empower yourself and your team with the latest knowledge to make informed decisions and data-driven choices for your patients.
If you’re a surgeon:
  • Gain insights to improve surgical outcomes and boost patient recovery rates.
  • Refine your surgical technique through insights into implant reliability and stay at the forefront of surgical innovation.
  • Collaborate and contribute to national progress: Share your surgical experience and insights with colleagues.
If you work in procurement:
  • Learn how to identify and avoid problems with implants which can save your trust significant costs and improve value.
  • Discover tools to help you make evidence-based decisions to mitigate risk and feel better equipped to negotiate and manage supplier contracts.
  • Learn strategies to reduce waste and promote sustainability and get insights to give your trust a competitive edge.
If you work in patient safety:
  • Create actionable insights to revolutionise your patient safety and move from reactive to proactive risk management.
  • Feel empowered to create evidence-based practices and continuous improvement strategies to optimise surgical protocols and ensure continuous learning.
  • Set a national benchmark for patient safety within your trust and become a leader in NHS safety.
If you represent a charitable fund:
  • Learn how to maximise the impact of your donations and invest in innovative, evidence-based practices.
  • Discover how to partner with the NHS to champion patient safety and sustainable practices that improve efficiency.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to patient wellbeing and align your charity with patient-centric values.

Speakers and networking

Keynote presentations, featuring top surgeons, researchers and industry thought leaders will be sharing their expertise on implant analysis and patient safety, including:

Mr Keith Tucker, Professor Derek McMinn, Professor Tom Joyce, Mr Martyn Porter, Dr Pauline McCormack, Mr Chris Jack, Ms Becky Owen, Dr Richard Beaver, Mr David Langton, Mrs Debbie Dobbs, Mr Tony Nargol, Mr Raghu Sidaginamale, Ms Christine Glover & Dr Moreica Pabbruwe.

Network with your peers to share experiences, best practices and strategic insights. Build professional connections and explore opportunities for collaboration.

Delegates will include theatre nurses, orthopaedic surgeons, procurement leads, NHS directors, implant manufacturers, patient safety colleagues and representatives from charity funds.

Get your tickets here

Conference tickets are £125 each, with discounts for existing service users. Places are limited and allocated on a first come, first served basis. Reserve your spot on this groundbreaking event now.

Timetable for the event is as follows:

  • 9:15 – 10am Registration
  • 10am Conference starts
  • 5pm Conference closes
  • 6pm Evening reception

Join the conversation

Examination of explanted joints that have failed or caused problems in the body is one of the most valuable sources of data about how and why implants fail.

House of Commons Science & Technology committee report of session regulation of medical implants in the EU and UK.

… explanted joints should be analysed and subsequent data generated should be reported to the National Joint Registry and published.

Government response to the House of Commons Science & Technology committee report of session regulation of medical implants in the EU and UK.

Some of the headline stats


of explanted implants are thrown away


Hip and knee implants were revised in 2021


of UMDs in the UK undergo physical analysis

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