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Presenting at The British Orthopaedic Association Annual Conference

Presenting at The British Orthopaedic Association Annual Conference

NHS-IAS were delighted to attend the British Orthopaedic Association meeting where they were invited to brief the Beyond Compliance team as well as the ODEP meeting. The meetings were an opportunity to outline the service to a multitude of organisations, regulatory bodies and manufacturers including the NJR representatives, ODEP, Beyond Compliance, MHRA, NHS England.

Jason Wilson (NHS Medical Device Specialist) attended with Rowena Dean (North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Trust Collaborative Care Director) in person to present the reason for the service and detail the system of getting removed medical devices from the operating room to the independent Lab and to address any questions.

The manufacturers during the ODEP meeting were very well represented with most of the major companies having attended the meeting in person or being online. Without exception the companies who expressed an opinion were all very enthusiastic and they appreciated the positive aspects the service could provide for post-market surveillance and patient safety as well as alerting them to any potential adverse events or corrective actions which would need to be considered.

In particular the NHS-IAS are very grateful to Mr Keith Tucker for inviting them to present. Mr Tucker issued the following statement.

“In BC (Beyond Compliance)  we have always thought that explant analysis of all retrieved implants, particularly  if they are novel, should be undertaken. To date this has hardly happened  and BC and ODEP are delighted that the NHS Implant Analysis Service is going to facilitate this essential part of implant monitoring.

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