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Service provided by NTH Solutions LLP, an NHS wholly owned company

The NHS Implant Analysis Service conducts independent physical analysis of used explanted medical devices and reports on their performance in patients. The focus of this service is to increase patient safety and drive outcome improvements.

The report of the Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review Shared by Baroness Cumberlege Crown copyright 2020

The system is not good enough at spotting trends in practice and outcomes that give rise to safety concerns…….. Innovation in medical care has done wonderful things and saved many lives. But innovation without comprehensive pre-market testing and post-marketing surveillance and long-term monitoring of outcomes is, quite simply, dangerous. Crucial opportunities are lost to learn about what works well, what does not, what needs special measures put around its use, and what should be withdrawn because the risks over time outweigh the benefits.
Baroness Cumberlege

How we deliver

The IAS provides analysis and reporting on explanted devices within 5-7 working days

Our optimised analysis processes enable us to provide an affordable solution to NHS customers

The IAS is an independent NHS led service designed to work within the NHS ecosystem and partner closely with NHS colleagues

Our lab partner is an award winning provider with over 15 years of experience and uses validated peer reviewed analysis methods


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