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NHS IAS’s Jason Wilson to speak at BOA Conference

NHS IAS’s Jason Wilson to speak at BOA Conference

The NHS Implant Analysis Service is pleased to be attending the BOA Conference next week. This is a great opportunity for us to attract more surgeons and improve patient’s experience.

The British Orthopaedic Association Conference is being held in Liverpool this year and is extremely well-attended by surgeons and others involved within orthopaedics. It is three days long and will consist of lectures, debates and discussions.

The NHS Implant Analysis Service is proud to be speaking at the conference addressing who we are and what we do. Jason Wilson, the Strategy Lead for Medical Devices and Surgery for the NHS IAS, will be speaking on behalf of the service. Jason has 30+ years of experience in the medical device industry and will be discussing all things NHS IAS intertwined with his expertise.

You can view Jason’s profile alongside all of the other keynote speakers on the BOA site now:


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